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ScoutWiki Days/2008-03-02

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  • Flag of France.svgParis
  • Under the Eiffel Tower
  • Day: March 2nd 2008
  • From 14:00 (GMT+1) to ??


<googlemap version="0.9" lat="48.857692" lon="2.294651" zoom="17" width="500" height="500"> 48.858205, 2.294359 Eiffel Tower, Paris, France. Meeting place ! </googlemap>


Report of the meeting

Cédric was with his scouts (14-16 aged) for a weekend in Paris. Paula and Kazam were on a holiday in Paris.

Finally all partisipants managed to meet each other under the Eiffel tower around 15:00PM. First, of course, we decided to conquer the Tower. It is a bit difficult task to get a group of scouts to high security places... But after all knives and suspicious backbags were left outside our group was ready for climbing. It takes about 680 steps to second level of the Eiffel tower. There was a magnifisent view to the city.

Back to the ground. All Cesdibs little scouts were counted and it was time for them to leave home with Hélène. Cedsib, Akela NDE, Kazam, Paula, Boogie and Bono continued to have a drink nearby. We discussed about scouting in our countries. Akela NDE made many corrections to the Scouting Dictionary.

Scoutopedia presented a challenge to Partiowiki. French are determined to reach 3000 articles before finns! Also some new ideas were presented. One of them was that ScoutWiki should be somehow promoted at next World Jamboree in Sweden.

Then it was time for Bookie to leave to Switzerland. Rest of the meeting took a little sightseeing walk (and subway) in Paris and found a small restaurant for a dinner. During the dinner french were relieved to hear from Kazam that there are daily backups of the server that hosts ScoutWikis. By the end of the dinner Cesdib and Akela NDE joined Nettipartiolaiset and gave membership fees to Kazam.

ScoutWiki Days in Paris was a very nice success.


Participants to the ScoutWiki Days in the Eiffel tower.