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MediaWiki upgrade

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Assuming these directories

  • Current version: /scoutwiki/fi
  • Extracted version: /scoutwiki/mediawiki-1.12.0
  • New version: /scoutwiki/fi-n

The upgrade

  • Download the new MediaWiki (take the whole package) and extract it.
  • Create a patch for the common table functionality in includes/Database.php:
cd fi-n/
diff -Naur includes/Database.backup.php includes/Database.php > ../common-fix-1.12.0.diff
cd ../
  • Copy the whole directory containing the new MediaWiki version as [lang]-n.
cp -R mediawiki-1.12.0/ fi-n/
  • Copy LocalSettings.php, AdminSettings.php, .htaccess, favicon.ico, logo.png, editcount.php, google*:
cp fi/LocalSettings.php fi/AdminSettings.php fi/.htaccess fi/favicon.ico fi/logo.png fi/editcount.php fi/google*.html fi-n/
  • Copy skin:

fi. and sv.

cp -R fi/skins/MonoBook* fi/skins/monobook/ fi-n/skins/
  • Copy extensions:
cp -R fi/extensions/ fi-n/
  • Patch the common table functionality:
cd fi-n/
patch -p0 ../common-fix.1.12.0.diff
cd ../
  • Take the new version into use:
mv fi fi-w
mv fi-n fi
  • Now fi is the new version and fi-w is the old one.
  • Upgrade database:
cd fi/maintenance/
php update.php
  • Notice that this does NOT update the common interwiki table. If any updates to the table exist, update as necessary (only once, it's the same for all wikis.)
  • Add a note (by editing MediaWiki:Sitenotice) to your wiki about the upgrade. Remember to tell where to report any bugs!