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Bureau meetings/2007-08-23

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The first Bureau meeting was held via IRC on #scoutwiki-bureau at Freenode on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007, in presence of:

Summary of the decisions


After having met from 21:04 to 21:18 (UTC+01:00), the Bureau of ScoutWiki Network decided that:

  1. The Treasurer, namely Jeoire de Buretel de Chassey, has the right to open a bank account for the purposes of the association;
  2. The President, namely Cédric Tamboise, and the Treasurer, namely Jeoire de Buretel de Chassey, are allowed to have the signature of that bank account;
  3. The adhesion charges are set as follows:
    • Adherent member's charge for physical persons: 10 €;
    • Adherent member's charge for legal entities: 50 €;
    • Benefactor member's charge: from 100 € on.


Après avoir délibéré de 21:04 à 21:18 (UTC +1), le Bureau de ScoutWiki Network a décidé que :

  1. Le trésorier, nomément Jeoire de Buretel de Chassey, a le droit d'ouvrir un compte en banque pour l'usage de l'association ;
  2. Le président, nomément Cédric Tamboise, et le trésorier, nomément Jeoire de Buretel de Chassey, sont autorisés à disposer de la signature sur ce compte en banque ;
  3. Les cotisations sont fixées comme suit :
    • Cotisation de membre adhérent pour les personnes physiques : 10 € ;
    • Cotisation de membre adhérent pour les personnes morales : 50 € ;
    • Cotisation de membre bienfaiteur : à partir de 100 €.

Transcription of the meeting

[21:04]	<cedsib>	I declare the first ScoutWiki bureau meeting opened
[21:05]	<Akela_NDE>	So the purpose of that meeting is to decide on the creation of a bank account and the signature right to be granted to Cedsib and me, independently.
[21:06]	<cedsib>	About bank account authorization, I do agree, but I'm not sure it is necessary for me to have a signature on it...
[21:06]	<Akela_NDE>	It is, as you are the president.
[21:06]	<cedsib>	mhm... ok
[21:06]	<Akela_NDE>	We need to decide that I, as treasurer of ScoutWiki Network, have the right to open the bank account
[21:07]	<cedsib>	ok. that's decided ? is it ?
[21:07]	<Akela_NDE>	I vote for.
[21:07]	<Kontti>	fine by me
[21:07]	<cedsib>	good
[21:07]	<Akela_NDE>	Then it's approved.
[21:07]	<cedsib>	Amount of adhesion charges now
[21:07]	<Akela_NDE>	Not yet.
[21:07]	<cedsib>	why not yet ?
[21:08]	<Akela_NDE>	2nd decision is that President Cédric Tamboise and Treasurer Jeoire de Buretel de Chassey both have signature right on the account.
[21:08]	<Akela_NDE>	These signature being possibly made separately.
[21:08]	<Kontti>	by themselves, not together?
[21:08]	<Akela_NDE>	That's it.
[21:08]	<Kontti>	ok. Fine by me.
[21:09]	<Akela_NDE>	I vote for too.
[21:09]	<cedsib>	+1
[21:09]	<Akela_NDE>	Then I suppose it's approved, Mr. President ?
[21:09]	<cedsib>	it is
[21:11]	<cedsib>	now amount of adhesion charges (for us to run adhesion campaign !)
[21:11]	<Akela_NDE>	I think 10 € for individual is OK, and 50 € for moral entities (associations, companies), at least for the normal members.
[21:12]	<Akela_NDE>	For the benefactors I've got no idea.
[21:12]	<cedsib>	seems good for me...
[21:13]	<Kontti>	10 and 50 euros sounds ok.
[21:13]	<cedsib>	we say: minimum charge is 50€... they can give more
[21:14]	<cedsib>	50€ is good too ?
[21:14]	<Akela_NDE>	Yes. Do we assume moral entities are always benefactors ?
[21:14]	<cedsib>	can benefactors be member of the bureau ? if yes, moral identities are not benefactors
[21:14]	<Akela_NDE>	Benefactors can, but moral entities cannot.
[21:15]	<cedsib>	ok so it is 2 different things
[21:15]	<Akela_NDE>	indeed.
[21:15]	<cedsib>	but 50€ minimum is good... (for benefactors ?)
[21:15]	<Akela_NDE>	Or do we set the benefactor charge to 100 € ?
[21:16]	<Kontti>	Benefactors could be 100 euros.
[21:16]	<cedsib>	good for 100€
[21:17]	<cedsib>	nothing urgent anymore I think
[21:17]	<Akela_NDE>	nor do I. So we say normal member 10 € for physical persons or 50 € for moral entities, and benefactor member, 100 € for everyone ?
[21:17]	<Akela_NDE>	I vote for.
[21:18]	<cedsib>	good for me
[21:18]	<Kontti>	fine by me
[21:18]	<Akela_NDE>	Then it's decided.
[21:18]	<Akela_NDE>	End of that meeting, then ?
[21:18]	<cedsib>	I declare our first meeting closed. Akela_NDE will make a note for others
[21:18]	<cedsib>	it will be published on asso
[21:18]	<Kontti>	I'm away.
[21:18]	<Akela_NDE>	I'll replace Mr. Secretary for that time, no problem.