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<syntaxhighlight lang="python">
<syntaxhighlight lang="python">
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
This family file was auto-generated by $Id: 4993fd66518a2c61c49b9e1bdf8f4b622459ee34 $
Configuration parameters:
  url = https://nl.scoutwiki.org/hoofdpagina
  name = scoutwiki
Please do not commit this to the Git repository!
from pywikibot import family
from pywikibot import family

Revision as of 13:15, 2 November 2016

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from pywikibot import family
from pywikibot.tools import deprecated

class Family(family.Family):
    interwiki_removals = ['ja','scout-o-wi']
    def __init__(self):
        self.name = 'scoutwiki'
        self.langs = {
            'de': 'de.scoutwiki.org',
            'fi': 'fi.scoutwiki.org',
            'sv': 'sv.scoutwiki.org',
            'nl': 'nl.scoutwiki.org',
            'uk': 'uk.scoutwiki.org',
            'ar': 'ar.scoutwiki.org',
            'eo': 'eo.scoutwiki.org',
            'it': 'it.scoutwiki.org',
            'cs': 'cs.scoutwiki.org',
            'en': 'en.scoutwiki.org',
            'da': 'da.scoutwiki.org',
            'fr': 'fr.scoutwiki.org',
            'pt': 'pt.scoutwiki.org',
            'hu': 'wiki.cserkesz.hu',
            'es': 'wiki.larocadelconsejo.net',
            'scout-o-wiki': 'www.scout-o-wiki.de'

    def scriptpath(self, code):
        return {
            'de': '',
            'fi': '',
            'sv': '',
            'nl': '',
            'uk': '',
            'ar': '',
            'eo': '',
            'it': '',
            'cs': '',
            'en': '',
            'da': '',
            'fr': '',
            'pt': '',
            'hu': '/w',
            'es': '',
           'scout-o-wiki': '',

    def protocol(self, code):
        return {
            'de': 'HTTPS',
            'fi': 'HTTPS',
            'sv': 'HTTPS',
            'nl': 'HTTPS',
            'uk': 'HTTPS',
            'ar': 'HTTPS',
            'eo': 'HTTPS',
            'it': 'HTTPS',
            'cs': 'HTTPS',
            'en': 'HTTPS',
            'da': 'HTTPS',
            'fr': 'HTTPS',
            'pt': 'HTTPS',
            'hu': 'HTTPS',
            'es': 'HTTP',
            'scout-o-wiki': 'HTTPS',

    def ignore_certificate_error(self, code):
        return True