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Bot configuration

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Here is the text of the configuration files which have to be used with the bots based on Python Wikipediabot Framework used on the ScoutWiki Network wikis.

The files can easily be changed to fit any new ScoutWiki whose member would like to use a bot on. The scripts work on the Spanish language "WikiRoca" too.

family                 =  'scoutwiki'
mylang                 =  'fr' #Put here the code of the main language you will use your bot on ; here it's fr for French.

usernames['scoutwiki']['fr'] =  'French name of the Bot'
usernames['scoutwiki']['fi'] =  'Finnish name of the Bot'
usernames['scoutwiki']['de'] =  'German (PfadiWiki) name of the Bot'

When using, the -lang:XX option has to be used :

  • ~$ python -lang:fr for loging in on Scoutopedia
  • ~$ python -lang:fi for loging in on PartioWiki
  • ~$ python -lang:de for loging in on Pfadiwiki

And do the same lines for every wiki you plan to use your bot on.

When using, the same option is used to tell the bot on which wiki he's got to work first, he'll then check all the pages on that wiki, and after that, if needed, modify the linked pages on the other wiki to have those linked to the first. If this option is not used, the bot will use its main language as defined by mylang = 'xx'.

Of course, the bot has to be loged on each wiki you want it to be able to write on ...

This script has to be placed in the /families/ directory of your bot.

{{:ScoutMedia:Bot configuration/scoutwiki}}

Special ready made bots