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Instructions for reading

Status-field: [status] (for [user/group]), many may apply to one. If a user or group is given, that status mainly applies to that user / group.


  • On hold = Waiting for a decision / new software version / upgrade / other task.
  • RFC = Request for comments -- comment on this!
  • TODO = Considered decided, may be done instantly.
  • To be researched = Well, pretty much that. To be researched -- may not even be possible, who knows?

The actual TODO

  • Media for fi. and sv.
Status: On hold.
  • Shortening Localsettings.php by putting the settings as much as possible to GlobalSettings.php
Status: RFC for techies, TODO for techies.
Status: TODO for anyone knowing the correct page names.
  • Common accounts for all wikis?
Status: RFC, to be researched.
Comments on research: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/H:UL
  • New translations on WWW. don't work?
Status: TODO for ZeiP.
  • dev / asso rights --- wouldn't show up on the admin / bureaucrat list, but allows the people holding these accounts to do their "job".
Status: RFC, to be researched.