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A ScoutWiki project.

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The work of a writer, painter enters in the public domain on January 1st after the 70th year after his death. On ScoutWiki Network, we can publish the work of Lord Baden-Powell from 2012 January 1st (he was dead on 1941 January 8th).

The books written by Baden-Powell are :

  • 1908: Scouting for Boys
  • 1909: Yarns for Boy Scouts
  • 1912: Handbook for Girl Guides (co-authored with Agnes Baden-Powell)
  • 1913: Boy Scouts Beyond The Sea: My World Tour
  • 1916: The Wolf Cub's handbook
  • 1918: Girl Guiding
  • 1919: Aids To Scoutmastership
  • 1921: What Scouts Can Do
  • 1922: Rovering to Success
  • 1929: Scouting and Youth Movements
  • 1935: Scouting Round the World

The drawings by Baden-Powell can be found here :

In English

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  • Scouting for Boys See here
  • Yarns for Boy Scouts
  • Handbook for Girl Guides'
    (co-authored with Agnes Baden-Powell)
  • Boy Scouts Beyond The Sea: My World Tour
  • The Wolf Cub's handbook
  • Girl Guiding
  • Aids To Scoutmastership See here
  • What Scouts Can Do
  • Rovering to Success
  • Scouting and Youth Movements
  • Scouting Round the World

In Spanish

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In Finnish

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  • Partiopojan kirja
  • Partiopojat
  • Kokemukseni vakoojana
  • Partiopojat ja tytöt
  • Tie onneen
  • Upseerivuosiltani
  • Ohjeita partiojohtajille

Other writers


On the ScoutWiki in French, we standardize the documents in this way : here for pdf and in this way : here for the publication of each chapter. I worked on Aid to Scoutmastership with the same process: here. The best way would be we use a model but we can't upload files in .doc on Scoutmedia. We may share the files in .doc on gmail accounts ? Florian 14:30, 11 January 2011 (UTC)

In French

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  • Éclaireurs (livre) (Scouting for boys)
  • Yarns for Boy Scouts
  • Handbook for Girl Guides
  • Boy Scouts Beyond The Sea
  • Le livre des louveteaux (The Wolf Cub's handbook)
  • Le Livre des éclaireuses (Girl Guiding)
  • Le Guide du chef éclaireur (Aids To Scoutmastership)
  • Les 1001 activités de l’Eclaireur (What Scouts Can Do: More Yarns)
  • La route du succès (Rovering to Success)
  • Scouting and Youth Movements
  • Scouting Round the World

  • Jeux d'éclaireurs (Scouting Games, 1910)
  • A l’école de la vie (Lessons from the Varsity of Life, 1933)
  • Pour devenir un homme (Adventuring to Manhood, 1936)
  • Aventures africaines (African Adventures, 1937)
The French project is here : Projet:Archive

In Dutch

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Scouting for boys

In Italian

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  • Scautismo per ragazzi
  • Manuale dei Lupetti
  • Il libro dei Capi
  • Girl Guiding - Guidismo per ragazze
  • La strada verso il successo

In German

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Scouting for Boys