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Date and year pages can be created very easily by bots.

The scripts avaiable on these pages are those which have been used on PartioWiki and on Scoutopedia, so you can use them being sure that they will work.

Year pages

Year pages generator yeargene.py can be used as it is. You just may want to change the message on the top to your own language ...

Date pages

Those scripts are in a configuration which makes them create pages with names in French, so be sure that you change the names and everything what is necessary to have your bot creating date pages in your own language. But that would be very kind of those who would do that to copy their modified script after the original one, in order to help people who would do the same after them.

To create date pages, you have to run dategene.py first, which creates a page calling a special template ({{modèle date}} in the French version) whose only purpose is to call a date template bearing all the events that happenned on that day. Then you can run datetemplgene.py which generates thoses templates.

Be careful that the scripts are just basic python scripts, and cannot tell if there is a difference between months with 30 or 31 days in them, nor than they can tell that there is only 29 days in February. And they're no more able to create proper date navigation links, and the day before january 1 will be january 0, and the day after december 31 will be december 32 ... But these links won't work, as no january 0 nor december 32 pages have been created, so you'll just have to correct the links manually.

All those scripts have been originally written by Kontti.